Strong with over 30 years’ experience

Unstoppable in constant growth

Over thirty years ago, when the only company owner was founding ZARYS, he had one goal to achieve in the near future — to become the biggest supplier of medical products providing comprehensive services to hospitals and other medical facilities in the country.

Strong with over 30 years’ experience
Strong with over 30 years’ experienceStrong with over 30 years’ experience

Development outlooks

Own brands
11 strong brands

Being a manufacturer of a wide range of disposable equipment, ZARYS has been systematically building its own brand based on high quality, affordable price, and reliable customer service since 2008. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of dressing materials, surgical drapes, and – since recently – disposable medical equipment for the field of general medicine.

Wide portfolio
our own and foreign brands

For many years, ZARYS has been a player in the international market of medical equipment, acting as a distributor for renowned world class producers, such as IFSA Atramat, or Bicakcilar. Our long presence in the market, long term relationships with international manufacturers, but also deep knowledge within the global medical industry allows ZARYS to offer products of its own brands as well as numerous renowned global brands.

60 countries in the world

Based on our success in the Polish market, ZARYS decided to concentrate more on export in 2013. Therefore, we created an independent export department and intensified the current relationships with international clients. The growth of export and expansion to the markets of Central and Eastern Europe and other markets as well match the strategy of building the presence of ZARYS not only in Poland.

medical products of global manufacturers

Besides supplying the health care facilities with the basic product range, ZARYS is constantly seeking cooperation with foreign partners in terms of innovative solutions and advanced products. Thanks to the presence of basic and highly specialised products in our portfolio, we can tailor our offer to the needs of every customer.


Best solutions based
on experience.

ZARYS International Group is a company with over 30 years tradition. We make and sell medical equipment for numerous fields of general and specialist medicine.

Our experience, rich offer, and team of highly qualified specialists make ZARYS one of the leaders in the Polish and European market of medical supplies.

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Tradition since 1989

ZARYS is currently the biggest full service supplier of a very wide range of products for the medical industry, always focused on seeking innovative medical solutions by following every new global technological trend, trying to implement what’s new, and constantly proposing hospitals and doctors possibilities to test unique medical solutions from all around the world.

Supply and production optimisation have made the ZARYS offer comprehensive, helping health care facilities save their funds, which they all need so much.

Innovative solutions

Looking for innovative and economical methods of public fund management has – over time – become a motto of the company and its goal.

Our offer is constantly expanded to include products from those fields that require specialist knowledge and participation in international trade fairs and congresses, which serve as a forum for the exchange of information among the industry specialist from all over the world.

This specific combination of the experience and knowledge of our employees with the latest technological solutions offered by global companies producing for the medical industry led to the introduction of new solutions, e.g. in cancer treatment.

Regular relations with the most innovating companies of the world allow us to market these cutting edge developments in our country, while in some cases we have been the first in Europe to implement them. Having access to the latest technologies would mean nothing if we had no access to a large stock of goods available on demand. This requirement can be met by few companies in Europe which have such enormous warehouse facilities and quick access to vast quantities of goods.

We create good solutions

At present, we have the largest warehouse of disposable medical equipment in Central Europe.

With such enormous stock, we have realised that we are capable of supplying our neighbouring markets, such as Czech, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Germany.

Thanks to investing in a new high bay logistics centre in 2016, we have become an attractive supplier for those markets that we provide with the opportunity to have quick access to a very wide range of the ZARYS brand products, as well as products of globally renowned brands. These features lead us towards a clear and precise direction.

Challenges and successes

The years 2020 and 2021, unprecedented from the point of view of modern medicine, proved to be a test time, also for our company. In order to implement new challenges, ZARYS organized the largest supply of medical equipment to fight Covid-19 in the history of the Polish healthcare system, thus confirming its position of the market leader.

The opening of the largest warehouse of disposable medical equipment in Central Europe allowed for more efficient flow of goods. Currently, we focus on the development of production lines situated in Europe.