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one set - one operation, one product - many solutions

Operating theatre is a specific environment where time is the most valuable factor influencing the success of the operation. It is a place where every minute - or even a second - counts, because it can affect the patient’s life. To meet the expectations of medicine, ZARYS introduces operating sets to its offer that meet the highest standards, helping to improve the preparation of the operating theatre before the procedure.

Advantages of using omegapack operating sets:

  • TIME - unpacking the set and preparing the operating theatre takes about 30% ess time than selecting individual products and improving work at operating block reducing cost
  • EFFECTIVENESS - increasing work productivity, so that you can perform more surgical procedures in one day, improvement of work of medical staff
  • REDUCTION OF ERRORS - the complete set contains all disposable medical devices necessary for the surgical operation, which eliminates the possibility of errors during the selection of individual products
  • QUALITY - properly selected composition of the set according to individual needs for a specific medical procedure in line with the Customer’s order
  • EPIDEMIOLOGICAL SAFETY - reduced risk of patient infection by minimizing the time of contact of medical staff with devices during the preparation of the theatre and the patient
  • ENVIRONMENT - the amount of generated waste is reduced to a minimum - one packaging
  • SAVING THE STOCKS - reduced number of supplies, saving space in the warehouse
  • STANDARDIZATION OF PROCEDURES - correct and schematic conduct during the procedure, one package - one treatment
  • EASY RECORD KEEPING - optimization of record keeping - one self-adhesive label with the identification of the used set, instead of each used product separately
  • WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS - a wide range of medical devices selected individually in accordance with the Customer’s preferences

Medical devices under the omegapack brand by ZARYS are operating sets containing complete equipment with all disposable products necessary to perform a given medical procedure to which the set is dedicated. The operating set contains carefully selected disposable components, such as:

  • surgical drapes, pads
  • accessories, e.g. fluid collection bags, tapes
  • surgical gowns
  • surgical gloves
  • covers for equipment
  • shoe covers, masks, caps
  • gauze balls
  • gauze and non-woven swabs
  • bandages, dressings
  • catheters, urine collection bags
  • trays, bowls
  • taps, three-way stopcocks
  • manifolds, connectors
  • infusion sets
  • suction sets
  • disposable surgical instruments
  • injection needles and syringes
  • and many more

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